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Welcome to the Belgian site of the Pfranc network ! Since 1996, Larry Berg, from Murphy, Oregon, produces and distributes connectors and cables for use with Garmin GPS receivers. With 62 distributors (called Pfrancs) around the world, these connectors are now available in no less than 50 countries.

And there's more: as a central point for many GPS users, we're trying to make this site as useful and informative as possible for anyone interested in using his GPS receiver in Belgium. Please enjoy your visit !

1. Garmin - compatible connectors and cables

It's not a secret that a GPS user, either in Belgium or anywhere in the World, is first and foremost an enthusiast hobbyist. That's why Purple connectors have been originally targeted to do-it-yourself (DIY) cables and applications.

As the base of GPS users expanded, we realized that ready-made solutions would be preferred by many users. This is why our range now includes a vast choice of data and power cables, for all the popular Garmin GPS receivers.

For more details , please click here, or go directly to the full product list and order form.

2. Tips and tricks

This section is yours ! As more and more people visit this site, I often receive e-mail with suggestions, tips, software reviews, ... To make this information available to all, I've put this page together. But remember... I'm waiting for your input !

3. Useful links

Where to find GPS-related shareware ? How to make coordinates conversions ? Where to keep informed about the latest GPS developments ? The Web has all the anwers ! A selection from the most prominent sites is listed here.
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Pour le moment, ce site existe seulement en version anglaise, langue accessible à la majorité des utilisateurs, tant francophones que néerlandophones. Que ceci ne vous enmpêche pas d'envoyer vos questions et commentaires dans la langue de votre choix (F / NL / E).

Op dit moment bestaat deze site enkel in het Engelse taal, die zowel voor nederlandstalige als franstalige gebruikers verstaanbaar is. Uw vragen en opmerkingen zijn echter welkom in uw favoriete taal (NL / F / E).

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