Purple Connectors and Cables
in Belgium and Luxembourg

1. Do-it-yourself parts

a - Original GPS connectors

conyel.jpg (5578 bytes)

(color of the blue/purple model may vary between batches)

Larry sends me his Garmin-compatible connectors (called pPlugs) in 3 colors: black, the original purple, and now bright yellow. I normally always have all types available. If the color you choose is momentarily in back-order, I will contact you before shipping.

These plugs fit Garmin models 12, 12xl, 38, 40, 45, 48, 89, 90, 92, GPS II, II+, III, and StreetPilot but not the 95 or 195.

Suggested pledge: 4,50 EUR - V.A.T. Incl.

b - ePlug connectors, for Garmin eTrex and eMap

After a lot of research and re-engineering, Larry finally managed to successfully build connectors for eTrex and eMap receivers, two  increasingly popular models. The design was more challenging than for the regular model, but we're confident these new plugs will honor Purple's tradition of quality and reliability in DIY connectors.

Suggested pledge: 5,50 EUR - V.A.T. Incl.

c - 'DB-9' connectors, for serial port

For making your serial data cable, you probably need a 9-pin female connector*. The one I propose you meets the highest quality standards: full light metal alloy body, 2 thumb screws, and a choice of cable clamps to fit any cable size between 3.5 and 13 mm.

For more details, download the technical data sheet (3.0 Mb), or visit McKee Hagborg's web site.

Price: 5,00 EUR - V.A.T. Incl.

*DB-25 or male plugs available on request

d - Cable

Finding the right cable to fit a connector can be difficult, and you sometimes have to buy more than you'd like. No problemo, I found some for you !

Composed of 4 cores 0.22 mm2 (1 Amp/core rating), it's all you need to make a nice-looking, flexible power/data cable. Outside diameter: 3.4 mm.

For orders of 2 connectors or more, you will receive 1m of this cable free with each connector. Naturally, you can request more, for a supplement of 0,50 EUR /m.

REMARK: Cable may or may not be screened by a thin metallized foil, depending of available supply. Grounding this shield is however not required, due to the very low speed of serial connections. When used, the drain wire should be connected only at one end of the cable, preferentially on the computer side.

2. Complete cables and assemblies

NEW! There are many more cables now available. While our new web pages are being written, please go immediately to the order form, where you will find the full list of available products. Links are provided to the US site, for a detailed description and pictures.

a - Data cables, for eTrex and eMap

The eD1 cable allows you to connect your eTrex or eMap receiver to your desktop or laptop PC via an unused serial port (standard DB-9 plug). Use it for upgrading the firmware of your receiver, or for transferring routes, waypoints and tracks to and from your PC. 

These cables are also poweready, which means that the GPS power inlet is routed to an unused pin of the DB-9 plug. Please check here for full specifications and more details.

Price: 17 EUR - V.A.T. Incl.

Please make sure to check also our selected links, and find dozens of freeware, shareware and commercial software compatible with your receiver. 

b - Car power cables, for eTrex and eMap

The eP3 cable allows you to power your eTrex or eMap receiver from the cigarette lighter plug of your car or motorbike. 

It's a regulated 3V switching power supply, which reduces heat dissipation to a minimum.

Thanks to its famous ePlug connector,  it fits to all Garmins of the eTrex or eMap families.

Price: 19 EUR - V.A.T. Incl.

Please make sure to check also our selected links, and find dozens of freeware, shareware and commercial software compatible with your receiver. 

c - Data / power cables for Garmin and HP iPaq - New!

With the recent release of state-of-the-art navigation software, like Tom-Tom Navigator, Michelin MapSonic, Alturion GPS standard and more, many Garmin users wish to connect their existing GPS receiver to their PocketPC, and power both devices from the cigarette lighter plug. For this application, we have developed 2 different cables, for use with most popular Garmin models.

Please check our pCombo-PDA and eCombo-PDA cable sets, as well as the BA-i38 adapter.

d - Other ready-made cables

For the time being, we limit our offer to the range of cables presented on our order form. If you need customized cable assemblies, you can contact Rob Smeets in the Netherlands, or visit his Web site.

Rob is the Pfranc for the Netherlands, and has built a long experience in building specialized cables. Moreover, he can get along with our two national languages !

3. About prices

a - What do these prices include ?
Everything ! This means VAT 21% (TVA/BTW), free cable when applicable, packaging and shipping costs by regular mail.
b - What is the Pfranc pledge system, and how does it apply ?
Since the early beginning of Pfranc.com, we have committed to send 1 or 2 connectors to whoever requests it. By placing your order, you promise to pay the mentioned price if you're satisfied with your plugs. If not, you're free to pay less, or even return them and pay nothing at all*. (you may naturally pay more, if you're enthousiastic about our project and wish to support it !).

We never request (or even accept !) payment before shipping. With the package, you will receive a money transfer form (virement/overschrijving) that you simply use for payment.

c - Are there quantity prices ?
YES. Connector prices mentioned above apply only for orders of less than 3 connectors. From 3 and more plugs, we have a special price list

Please contact me for more information.

*The Belgian law of July 14, 1991 protects the consumer by allowing you to cancel your order within 7 working days after receiving your goods. You don't need any justification for doing so: just inform us of your decision, and return the parts in their original packaging. The only costs at your charge are the return postal fees.

4. How to order ?

The easiest and fastest way is to fill in the on-line order form: it guarantees that I have all the information I need for shipping your order. However, I am always very interested in reading about your experience: how you discovered Purple, what you use your GPS for, what software you like best, etc...

So, use the order form as a starting point, then feel free to send another e-mail with your comments and suggestions.

Delivery time

All items presented on the web site are most of the time in sufficient supply for normal quantities. If not, we will inform you of the eventual waiting time. 

Shipping generally occurs during on the first working day following your order. Delivery happens by regular mail, about 2 working days after shipping (in Belgium).

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