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This page is dedicated to your suggestions for making your GPS receiver work better for your application. If you think some of your ideas could be useful for other GPS enthusiasts in Belgium or elsewhere, please send me an e-mail.

No reward other than knowing you're helping someone !
From Denis Bodson (Sautour)
Received: 14-NOV-98

Meet Richard on-line
  If you've never heard of Richard Scauri, you should pay a visit to his Web site:

Richard offers two highly interesting tools for the GPS enthusiast:

  • GpsTrack is the best freeware I know for using your GPS with topographic maps. If you're serious about hiking, skiing or other outdoor activities, GpsTrack is for you !
  • GpsListe is a French-speaking mailing list about all kinds of GPS-related issues. See details on Richard's site on how to subscribe.
From Serge Scheid (Oostende)
Received: 24-JAN-99

Buy a GPS antenna from your favourite car dealer !
  If you're looking for an external antenna to use your GPS in the car, the nearest Toyota dealer may have something for you. Ask for a spare antenna from Toyota's Car Navigation System, change the proprietary the connector for a standard BNC and plug it into your Garmin.

According to Serge's experience (with a 45XL), the magnetic base makes it easy to attach to your car's roof, and the reception is outstanding.

Consider it as an alternative to the active Lowe antenna.

Toyota Car Navigation System Antenna
Part No: 08663-00120
List price: 2530 BEF + 21% VAT
From André Saegerman (Gent)
Received: 01-FEB-99

Convert Belgian Lambert coordinates
  If you use topographic maps or the Topographic Atlas from the Belgian National Geographic Institute (NGI/IGN), you have probably noticed a reference to the so-called Belgian Lambert coordinates.

To convert these coordinates using the Convers utility (also distributed with GPSTrack), André asked the NGI what were the appropriate parameters.

To use them, just add these 2 lines to your "convers.ini" file:

LB50=Lambert Belge 1950 (LB50),4,BD50,4,0,0,49.5000°,51.1000°,
BD50=Belgian Datum 1950 (BD50),0,BD50,4,0,0,-54.8,50.6,-156.6
Better yet, download this updated "convers.ini" file (1.25 kB)
and copy it over the original one.
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